Hey hey there! I’m Shantel. The lady behind the camera. Some would say I might be a bit eccentric. My husband says I march to the beat of my own drum. I would say he’s not entirely wrong.  I very rarely have the same hair color more than twice and I love creating anything unique and colorful imagery that teeters on the fantasy side.  I love learning and will forever be a student.

The creation process is so powerful for me. I love capturing the beauty of life. Of your life. Each one is so intrinsically unique. Each journey looks completely different for each person. Each engagement, wedding, Birth, babyhood, childhood and senior year, even into our geriatric years have a beautiful story to tell.

When I am not behind the camera I spend most of my time either running my 13 year old Daughter Nevaeh to dance practice or competitions. I also spend an equal amount of time taking Kobe my energetic 9 year old to hockey practice or traveling for tournaments. Knox is my youngest little guy and at 5 he is keeping up with the big kids just fine and has just started IP hockey this year. All of this would not be possible would it not be for my best friend and Husband Nick, my ride or die. Without him I couldn’t have done any of this!